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To OUR NEW Server

Our new server offers great epreriance for all kind of players. If you are new to Mu Online don`t worry there are help system in game witch will help you to get better understanding of this game. And if you are old timer, there are planty of new tings to test out. The new character GrowLancer. The new events and new currency RUUD`s. In this server won`t be item shops so preper to find all excellent items form bosses in game. There are places where you can get levels. Standart exp is set to 1000, but it is made dynamic so at start it will be easyer but the more resets you have the harder it gets. The main currency is Zen`s so be cerfull how you spend it. You can exchange credits from voting to get goblin points in game with them you can buy items and buffs. I hope you will enyoj playing in our server and sugest this server to you`r friends. I wish you a hppy gaming. 

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Server Features

Mu Angels Server features. 

Key Features

  • Complete Seasons 1-8 up to Season 12 Part 1-2
  • Max Stats: 65000
  • 7 Characters with all available evaluations
  • Items upgrade up to +15
  • Item options up to +28
  • Original Wings Level 4 and 4.5
  • Original Small Wings System for Low level Characters
  • Global Message (Post) Command with anti-flood option
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